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Is In-Home Care Right For me?

Hessel Group is proudly an In Home Care Support Agency approved provider of In Home Care (IHC) in South Australia

IHC is a flexible form of education and care that is provided in your home by an approved educator. This program enables families with unusual work, location or care requirements to access approved child care in their own home.


In Home Care is a government funded service attracting the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).


Hessel Group In Home Care Educator and child

Am I eligible to access In-Home Care?

To be eligible for subsidised care under the IHC program you must qualify for the Child Care Subsidy and be able to demonstrate that other types of approved child care are not available or appropriate and where one or more of the following criteria apply:


  • working non-standard or variable hours outside normal childcare hours
  • geographically isolated from other types of approved childcare
  • challenging or complex needs where childcare services are not able to meet your needs. These needs can be discussed with a Hessel Group consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is In-Home Care? → In Home care is early education and care. It provides access to Government subsidised child care in the family home and is targeted to assist parents or carers who are unable to access other approved child care options. The focus of the educator working in the family home will always be delivering education and care for the children of the family.

Will I be out of pocket? → Your out of pocket expense will be determined by your Child Care Subsidy. The educators invoice/timesheet will be paid in full up front on a weekly basis* before it is processed and your entitlements are paid directly back to you.

What costs are involved? → The hourly cost is negotiated with the educator, Hessel Group have a once off establishment fee of $50.00 and an ongoing $8.00 per hour administration fee.

What is the process? → If you are eligible for IHC, you will need to complete the IHC application form and return it along with your supporting documentation to the IHC email address. Or enquire directly with us at Hessel Group here.

Can I refer my own Educator? → Yes, they will need to hold certain qualifications and work under their own ABN all of which can also be discussed with a Hessel Group consultant

Is there a waiting list? → Our waitlist varies depending on your requirements.